Hub Pullers - Hydraulic

Hub Pullers - Hydraulic
  • 1500 Series ram allows smooth, progressive application of up to 8 tonnes of pulling power.
  • Free moving legs mounted on a fl oating plunger, enabling quick and easy attachment to vehicle hubs.
  • Fine pitch outer ram thread for easy adjustment.
  • Variable stud, hydraulic type hub pullers for removing car and light commercial vehicle hubs with a pitch circle diameter of up to 203mm and a stud diameter of up to 15.8mm.
Hub Puller - 3 Leg
$828.08  +GST
SKU: T127303

Hub Puller - 5 Leg
$993.69  +GST
SKU: T127305

Hydraulic Hub Puller Kit
$1,278.44  +GST
SKU: T185000

Impact Hub Puller Kit for Light Commercial Vehicles
$1,351.48  +GST
SKU: T185500