Hub Pullers for Late Model Vehicles

Hub Pullers for Late Model Vehicles
  • Hub Pullers for Cars and Light Commercial, featuring 085308 Hub Puller Plate which has been specially designed to meet the application requirements of modern vehicles
  • Features a specially enlarged central dome to accomodate larger wheel hub caps (eg Ford Focus) as found on many modern vehicles
  • Designed with an extended spread pattern, to accomodate up to 160mm stud circle diameters
  • An interchangeable adaptor which allows it to be used in three different formats (Mechanical, Slide Hammer or Hydraulic) depending on the user requirements
  • Available in four combinations
Hub Puller Plate
$238.70  +GST
SKU: T085308

Hydraulic Hub Puller
  • c/w Hydraulic Ram
$363.99  +GST
SKU: T085316

Hub Puller C/W Force Screw
  • 1 1/2" x 16 Tpi (ext. thread) 5/8" UNF (int. thread)
$259.22  +GST
SKU: T085300

Hub Puller - Slide Hammer
  • 5/8" UNF (int. thread)
$442.34  +GST
SKU: T085306