Engine Timing Tools - Universal

Engine Timing Tools - Universal
6pc Belt Tensioner Serpentine Tool Set


  • Essential Tool for Removing & Installing Timing Belts with Spring Loaded idler pulleys.
  • Long Reach Design with Multi-Positional Extension Allows Access Deep into the Engine Compartment & Around Obstructions.
  • Contains 3/8" Dr Sockets: 13, 15, 16 & 18mm
$49.00  +GST
SKU: SP71055

Stretch Belt Tool
$89.00  +GST
$95.00  +GST
SKU: SP70991

6pc Tensioner Lock Out Pin Set


  • Suitable for Locking Back Belt Tension Devices while Installing or Removing Cam or Auxiliary Drive Belt.
  • Wide Range of Vehicle & Engine Applications
$13.00  +GST
SKU: SP71060

Timing Gear Holder/ Single Cam Clamps Kit
$249.00  +GST
SKU: SP70907

Timing Gear Holder
$65.00  +GST
SKU: SP70906

2pc Singles Cam Clamp Set
$35.00  +GST
SKU: SP70902

4pc Single Cam Clamp Set
$69.00  +GST
SKU: SP70905

5pc Master Cam Clamp Kit
$169.00  +GST
SKU: SP70900

Camshaft Pulley Remover / Installation Kit


  • Designed to Hold the Camshaft Pulley Stationary while Loosening & Tightening the Centre Shaft Bolt.
  • Fixed Distance: 54 - 12
$45.00  +GST
SKU: SP71065

Crankshaft Bolt Removal Tool - 1/2" Dr
$185.00  +GST
SKU: SP70865