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1/2"Dr Angular Torque Gauge
$35.00  +GST
SKU: SP35360

150mm Vernier Calipers
$49.00  +GST
SKU: SP35607

200mm Vernier Calipers
$73.00  +GST
SKU: SP35608

Calipers Digital 150mm/6"
$119.00  +GST
SKU: SP35631

Calipers Digital 200mm/8"
$155.00  +GST
SKU: SP35632

Calipers Digital 300mm/12"
$269.00  +GST
SKU: SP35633

150mm Dial Gauge Calipers
$119.00  +GST
SKU: SP35621

Dial Indicator
$82.00  +GST
SKU: SP35691

Tape Measure 3x16mm
$7.96  +GST
SKU: SP35199

Tape Measure 8x25mm
$15.00  +GST
SKU: SP35200

150mm/6" Stainless Steel Ruler
$10.00  +GST
SKU: SP35211

300mm/12" Stainless Steel Ruler
$16.00  +GST
SKU: SP35213

600mm/24" Stainless Steel Ruler
$28.00  +GST
SKU: SP35215

1000mm/40" Stainless Steel Ruler
$35.00  +GST
SKU: SP35217

Dial Indicator Magnetic Stand
$65.00  +GST
SKU: SP35697

$45.00  +GST
SKU: SP35661

25-50mm Outside Micrometer
$49.00  +GST
SKU: SP35663

50-75mm Outside Micrometer
$52.00  +GST
SKU: SP35665

Displaying 1 to 18 (of 21 products)