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ProEquip Replacement Pedestal Pole Assembly**
$42.13  +GST
SKU: PE1015/3

ProEquip Blade For PE1026 Industrial Fan
$135.00  +GST
SKU: PE1026/3

ProEquip Replacement Bracket For PE1175 Hose Reel
$16.09  +GST
SKU: PE1175/1

ProEquip Seal Kit For TQ/PE2003
$125.74  +GST
SKU: PE2003/6

ProEquip Seal Kit For PE/TQ2004
$17.91  +GST
SKU: PE2004/6

ProEquip Spare 1 Hour Charger For PE/TQ9831
$84.43  +GST
SKU: PE9831/2

ProEquip Replacement 28V Lithium Battery Pack
$647.04  +GST
SKU: PE9844/1

ProEquip Replacement 28V Lithium Battery Charger
$158.39  +GST
SKU: PE9844/2

ProEquip Plate Plunger - PE/TQ2005 #65
$17.83  +GST
SKU: PE2005/15

ProEquip Base For PE/TQ2005 (#67)
$32.65  +GST
SKU: PE2005/5

ProEquip Hose Adaptor Union Complete - PE/TQ2005 RAM (#6)
$13.65  +GST
SKU: PE2005/6

ProEquip Ceramic Tip Set for PE/TQ3008/3015 (Small) #28
$9.43  +GST
SKU: PE3008/1

ProEquip Replacement Shield Cover For TQ/PE3009
$3.52  +GST
SKU: PE3009L

ProEquip Replacement Gloves For PE/TQ3027 (PAIR)
$100.65  +GST
SKU: PE3027G

ProEquip Protection Film #04 PE3027/PE3030
$5.30  +GST
SKU: PE3030/1

ProEquip Replacement Gloves for PE3030 #15
$94.78  +GST
SKU: PE3030/15

ProEquip Replacement Abrasive Gun for TQ3030 # 17
$142.22  +GST
SKU: PE3030/5

ProEquip Ceramic Nozzel Set #2 For PE/TQ3031
$19.78  +GST
SKU: PE3031/2

Displaying 1 to 18 (of 20 products)