Industrial Series Generators

Industrial Series Generators

SP Industrial Series Generators all use a superior AVR equipped with a Digital Stability Control Program. This allows voltage to be calculated and controlled at the outlet and not the alternator. With Hi-Low Limit Electronic Safety Shut Off this makes SP Industrial Series Generators one of the safest and advanced generators around.

SP Use leading edge alternator and electronic technology to offer a range of generators that produce a very pure energy supply. This clean and pure form of energy makes SP Industrial Series Generators suitable to power even the most delicate electronic devices eg: laptops

SP combined a strong rugged design with easy operation to offer one of the worlds most reliable and dependable range of generatiors.  



8.5Hp, 2300w Industrial Generator
$795.00  +GST
SKU: SPG2800

7Hp, 3100w Industrial Generator
$995.00  +GST
SKU: SPG4000

11Hp, 4500w Industrial Generator
$1,395.00  +GST
SKU: SPG5600

13Hp, 5500w Industrial Generator
$1,795.00  +GST

15Hp, 6500w Industrial Generator
$2,095.00  +GST