Speciality Cable Ties

Releaseable Cable Ties - Releasable cable ties are used where temporary bundling of wires, harnesses hydraulic hoses etc as required.

Mounting Head Cable Ties - Mounting head ties can be screwed to a surface, then the tie can be used to bundle the cable or wire harness.

Push Mount Cable Ties - Pushed mount ties are used once a hole is drilled. For example, in the firewall of a car. The head of the tie can be pushed in (to the hole), leaving the remaining tie to be bundled around cable ore wire harness.

ID Cable Ties - Identification ties can be written on using permanent markers or sticky labels

Cable Tie Mounting Bases - Adhesive back mounting bases can be used to secure a cable tie where drilling holes is not an option. The 19 x 19mm mount is used with cable ties up to 3.5mm wide, the 28 x 28mm mount is for cable ties up to 4.8mm wide.