Panel Beating Dollies and Spoons

Panel Beating Dollies and Spoons
  • High grade heat treated forged steel
  • Ground and polished to a mirror finish
Curved Dolly
$53.57  +GST
SKU: T313004

Toe Dolly
$46.38  +GST
SKU: T313005

Thin Toe Dolly
$39.23  +GST
SKU: T313006

Grid Dolly
$65.03  +GST
SKU: T313007

Heel Dolly
$35.57  +GST
SKU: T313008

Double End Hand Dolly
$58.67  +GST
SKU: T313009

Angle Dolly
$50.23  +GST
SKU: T313050

Shrinking Dolly
$60.88  +GST
SKU: T313051

Utility Dolly
$45.03  +GST
SKU: T313052

Plastic Dolly Set 12pc
$752.73  +GST
SKU: T313090

Heavy Duty Mould Spoon
$62.12  +GST
SKU: T313003

Heavy Duty Pry Spoon
$74.37  +GST
SKU: T313049