General Workshop Equipment

General Workshop Equipment
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ProEquip 20L Telescopic Oil Drainer
$189.74  +GST
SKU: PE1010

ProEquip Low Profile Mechanics Creeper
$83.57  +GST
SKU: PE1023

ProEquip 65L Self Evacuating Oil Drainer
$468.61  +GST
SKU: PE1046

ProEquip 24in / 610mm Magnetic Sweeper Pick-Up Tool
$131.65  +GST
SKU: PE1167

ProEquip Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat 1500x900x8mm

General Purpose Use In Wet And Dry Areas

$111.74  +GST
SKU: PE5110

ProEquip Folding Metal Wheel Chocks (Pair)
$14.96  +GST
SKU: PE6040

ProEquip 550w 240V/50Hz Submersible Pump
$160.17  +GST
SKU: PE8004

Sorbent Mat - 500 X 400 X 4MM - GENERAL (GREY) - 10PK
$29.59  +GST
SKU: SM5004004G

Sorbent Mat - 500 x 400 x 4mm - Oil (White) - 10pk
$25.81  +GST
SKU: SM5004004W

ProEquip 37L (10Gal) Low Level Portable Oil Drainer
$252.61  +GST
SKU: PE1016

ProEquip 700mm Manual Floor Sweeper

Eco-Friendly People Power

$374.70  +GST
SKU: PE1165

ProEquip 30m Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel 250Psi

Slow Return With Auto Lock

$288.67  +GST
SKU: PE1171

ProEquip 20m Pro-Series Retractable Air Hose Reel 250Psi

Auto-Track Layering System | Stop Anywhere

$218.87  +GST
SKU: PE1175

ProEquip Anti-Fatigue Safety Mat L1200xW900xH9.5mm

Black With Yellow BevelLED Edges

$92.96  +GST
SKU: PE5114

ProEquip Folding Padded Auto Panel Support Frame

225Kg / 500Lb Capacity

$81.67  +GST
SKU: PE6034

ProEquip 15pc Bi-Metal Hole Saw Kit 19-76mm (M3 HSS)
$149.30  +GST
SKU: PE7113

ProEquip 5in / 125mm Multi-Purpose Bench Vice

360Deg. Swivel Head & Base

$233.83  +GST
SKU: PE7138

Sorbent Mat - 500 X 400 X 4MM - CHEMICAL (YELLOW) - 10PK
$32.83  +GST
SKU: SM5004004Y

Displaying 1 to 18 (of 21 products)