SP Tools - Precision Measuring

SP Tools - Precision Measuring

The SP range of Measuring Tools are more than just functional. They are durable and finished with attention to detail.

  • Alloy steel surfaces have been treated to create a finish that is resistant to oxidation and wear
  • All torque wrenches are calibrated and tested

Torque Wrench Safety:

The SP range of Torque Wrenches are calibrated and tested ex-factory to have a minimum degree of accuracy of plus/minus 4%. As such torque wrenches are a precision measuring instrument and should be stored and used with this in mind. SP suggests the following instructions be followed to maintain the torque wrench.

  • Always store in the storage box provided
  • Always return torque wrench to minimum setting before storage
  • Have torque wrench re-calibrated by a trained professional at least once a year
  • Never mistreat torque wrench by using hammers, extension handles or similar