Inside Calipers

Inside Calipers
  • Spring calipers and dividers for reliable, quick and accurate measurements during layout procedures and jobs
  • Manufactured in Japan to strict standards to ensure accuracy and precision
  • Legs pivot on a roller and are tensioned via bow spring
  • Manufactured from stainless steel and feature a spring joint via a quick acting nut or solid screw nut
  • Quick acting nut moves outwards and inwards quickly and easily without twisting/screwing
  • Solid nut requires progressive twisting to wind in and out via the threaded tension bar


100mm Inside Caliper
$33.23  +GST
SKU: T51100

150mm Inside Caliper
$33.97  +GST
SKU: T51150

200mm Inside Caliper
$38.85  +GST
SKU: T51200

250mm Inside Caliper
$47.83  +GST
SKU: T51250

300mm Inside Caliper
$54.88  +GST
SKU: T51300