Battery Charging

Battery Charging


Non - sparking, short circuit and reverse polarity protected for piece of mid operation


One - step operation. Simply connect the charger to the battery, turn on mains power, and charging will begin immediately


Fully automatic charging and maintenance to maximise battery life and performance

The autoExact IP65 Chargers by Matson is water and dust resistant, ideal for boating and the great outdoors.

With the latest charging algorithm technology, autoExact brings to the market affordability, simplicity and an enviromental commitment to extend battery life.

The autoExact range of battery chargers has been specifically developed to offer the customer a charger that does not require them to be a battery expert.

There are no selection requirements to remember, no concerns about remembering to continually the battery being charged and no need to remember to to turn it off. It does everything for you and you only have to remember that the red clamp goes to POSITIVE and the black clamp goes to NEGATIVE

These chargers can be used indoors, outdoors, hard wired, mounted and will even give deeply discharged batteries a chance of a second life.